Lottoland Australia - Play US Powerball, Mega Millions Lotto

Lottoland Australia – Play US Powerball, Mega Millions Lotto

Gone are the days when playing lotto meant crowding around the television once a week, praying your numbers would come up. Do you remember that? You’d buy your ticket from the local news agency, choose your numbers and hope for the best. Some people would play the same numbers every week, while others would mix theirs up for luck.

But, now that the internet has taken over the world, lotto is no longer restricted to television. In fact, it’s absolutely exploded. For keen players, this means access to lotto games all over the world, regardless of where you live – be it Australia, Europe or the US. With a mobile phone or computer in your hand, and an internet connection, you can play lotto online to win massive lottery and Powerball jackpots. Some of the biggest lotto games in the world include the US Powerball, the US Mega Millions, the Euro Millions, Euro Numbers and Australian Lotto. Then, of course, there’s Keno, which happens every single day.

Let’s start with US Powerball. It is held every Thursday and Sunday. Tickets are just $5 a game and all you have to do is pick five numbers (between 1 and 69), plus the Powerball (between 1 and 26). Even though the entry fee isn’t too high, the winnings are extraordinary. Just take a look at the figures. The minimum win for anyone who strikes lucky is $55 million. Then, every now and again, there’s a massive jackpot, totalling more than $1 billion. Imagine what you could do with that kind of money! If you want to commit to US Powerball, you can order a subscription, which enters you automatically every week.

Another massive lotto game in the US in the US Mega Millions lottery, which is drawn twice a week – on Wednesday and Saturday. Chances are you’ve heard of it because it’s one of the richest lotteries on the planet, as the name suggests. Week in, week out, the US Mega Millions jackpot offers a minimum of $20 million to one lucky, lucky winner. But, sometimes, the jackpot grows, to hit more than $800 million. To enter, all you have to do is choose six numbers.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in Europe, some of the biggest lotto jackpots are the Euro Millions and the Euro Numbers. Thanks to the internet, you can now play them both in one convenient spot – Lottoland.

Lottoland also gives you access to Australian Lotto. It is played every Wednesday and every Saturday. With Lottoland, you can enter both the super and mega draws.

So, what do you do when there are no major lotteries on? Well, you can always play Keno online. There’s a chance of winning $1 million every four minutes. That adds up to 15 chances every single hour!

Lottoland Main Lotteries Offered

Play US Powerball Online

To play US Powerball, all you have to do is pick five numbers, along with the US Powerball number. The five should be numbers between 1 and 69, while your winning US Powerball numbers must be between 1 and 26. If you make some lucky choices, then you stand to win some massive Powerball jackpots. And tickets are just $5 per game.

The prizes in US Powerball are distributed in nine prize divisions. The minimum US Powerball jackpot is $55 million, but, every now and again, there’ll be a record jackpot, which can sometimes hit more than $1 billion. Winners can receive their cash as a lump sum or choose to have it given to them in the form of 30 annual installments.

The US Powerball jackpot is drawn twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays. But, if you happen to miss it you can jump on our website to see the US Powerball results. What’s more, if you’re busy and worried about missing out, you can order US Powerball subscriptions from Lottoland, which let you enter draws automatically.

US Powerball is a multi-state lottery. It’s based in the US, but can be played anywhere in the world, over the internet, via smartphone or computer.

Play Euro Millions Lotto

The Euro Millions has the biggest lotto jackpots in all of Europe. To play, all you have to do is pick five winning Euro Millions numbers, as well as two star numbers. The five numbers should be between one and 50, and the star numbers should be between one and 11. Tickets are only $5 per game.

So, why are the Euro Millions so massive? Well, it’s because they involve not just one country, but several. In fact, the Euro Millions lotto are made up of the lotto jackpots of 13 European countries combined. They have been offering the biggest lotto jackpots in Europe since 2004.

Every single week, the Europe Millions jackpot totals at least $21 million. But, at times, this can pile up to hit more than $250 million! It is drawn in Paris twice a week – every Tuesday and every Friday.

Are you keen to play, but worried about missing a round? You can always sign up to a Euro Millions subscription with Lottoland. It enters you automatically, as often as you’d like. So, you needn’t ever fret about not entering, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. What’s more, any time you want to check out Euro Millions results – from past draws and winning jackpots – you can see them on Lottoland.

Play US Mega Millions Lotto

The US Mega Millions offers some of the highest logo jackpots in the world. They’re always a minimum of $20 million, and frequently hit higher than $500 million! The biggest US Mega Millions jackpot ever reached $840 million. Yet, tickets are only $5 per game.

Playing US Mega Millions lotto is easy. You simply need to pick five winning Mega Millions numbers from between one and 75, and one number, known as the Megaball, from between one and 15. In the second division, you can boost your winnings by up to five times, with 5x Megaplier. If you happen to win, you can receive your cash in one of two ways: as a big, fat lump sum, or as a series of installments, handed to you once a year for 30 years. The latter’s a good option if you’re a big spender!

There are two draws every week – on Wednesday and Saturday. But, you can enter anytime online – and check the Mega Millions results – with Lottoland. Plus, if you’re worried about missing out on a jackpot (especially a mega one!), you can order a Lottoland subscription. You’ll be entered automatically, so you never have to stress about getting online in time.

Play Australian lotto

Play Australian lotto from anywhere in the world with Lottoland. In Australia, lotto is drawn twice a week – there’s Wednesday lotto and Saturday lotto. And it has a different name depending on which state you’re in. Some include Tattslotto, X Lotto and Gold Lotto – they’re all the same thing.

The Saturday lotto offers six prize divisions. Every week, the minimum jackpot is $4 million, but it certainly hits higher amounts on occasions. In addition, it’s worth keeping an eye out for regular lotto superdraws, which see the Saturday lotto jump to at least $20 million. Then there are annual lotto megadraws, offering $30 million or more.

Meanwhile, on Thursdays, Powerball Australia is drawn. The jackpot is always a guaranteed $3 million and can creep as high as $50 million plus. Australian Powerball has more prize divisions than any other lotto in Australia, offering eight altogether. To play, you simply choose six numbers from between one and 40, plus a Powerball number from between one and 20.

To play any – or all – versions of Oz Lotto, jump on Lottoland today. It lets you play all Australian lotteries from one interface. Plus there are subscriptions, which enter you automatically, making sure you never, ever miss a draw.

Play Keno Online

You can play Keno online with Lottoland. Amazingly, there’s a chance to win $1 million every four minutes, which adds up to 15 chances to win $1 million every hour! Draws take place every day, between 2.34pm AEST and 7.45am AEST.

Here’s how to play Keno. 20 numbers are drawn from a total of 60 in each draw. You can choose as many or as few numbers – up to 10 – as you like, paying between $1 and $10. However, to be in the running to win a $1 million, you must choose 10 numbers altogether. That said, even if you only match some, you can still win some money.

Playing Keno online with Lottoland is no different to playing it down at your local club or pub. The only difference is that you make your choices online or through an app on your mobile device. And, of course, the prize is the same. So, every day, when you play with Lottoland Australia, you could be winning Keno and taking home a million bucks.