Ladbrokes Ride Guide Jockey Interviews

Ladbrokes Ride Guide

We live in a world where people are exposed to increasing amounts of information – often to a point of overload. This makes it even more important to be able to find out exactly what you need to know, and to have this content delivered in an informative, unique and helpful way. This is where the superb Ladbrokes Ride Guide is proving to be so popular with people who are interested in horse racing – and in placing bets on their choices.

Before we talk about this innovative and brilliant addition to the racing scene, let’s talk about you. It’s possible that you might be a recreational punter who just enjoys placing bets on races from time to time. You don’t want to study form in great depth, but would like a bit of an insider’s track to what’s happening, and how any horses are likely to perform, before you finally decide to place your bets.

Of course, it’s equally possible that you are seriously into what has been called The Sport of Kings. This means that you like to take your time and make careful assessments of the key areas such as form, race course conditions, the likely tactics to be adopted during races, and how an individual horse is likely to perform. In fact, you’re keen to have every bit of possible knowledge right at your fingertips before then taking time to chew through the possibilities, and finally make those vital selections.

How the Ladbrokes Ride Guide meets your punting needs

Whichever of the previous descriptions is more like the way you like to behave when gambling on the horses, as a Ladbrokes client you’d surely find this superb Ride Guide truly valuable, highly stimulating, and know that it offers that unique insider-style insight of a world that you are keen to be a part of. So, what makes Ladbrokes Ride Guide so different?

It’s simple – the jockeys themselves form the central part of this service. There’s an old saying about hearing things ‘from the horse’s mouth’. Well, this is as close as you’ll ever get to achieving that! Imagine being able to access video interviews with the top jockeys before any race. It’s almost as if you are sitting down beside them in the weighing room and discussing what’s about to happen.

What the jockeys will be telling you

As we said, like sitting next to the jockey, you can benefit from their visualisation of how they expect their mount to run, and how the race itself is likely to pan out. If you are often present on-course, then you’ll know the huge part that an accurate assessment of the conditions can play in your choices and the race itself. With your Ladbrokes Ride Guide, the jockeys will be able to talk you through the running, and its likely effect on their own horse, as well as the rest of the field and how the race might progress. Knowing about the going is great, but when you can then add to this by appreciating the instructions that the trainer will issue to the jockey as well, then that’s a double whammy of insider track knowledge that allows you to see the race in a whole new light. Finally, if you then have the rider’s opinion on the key traits of an individual horse, this makes it a triple-lock of great insights.

Making the most of Ladbrokes Ride Guide

You’re surely enthused by the possibility of access to these unique jockey video interviews and the great wealth of information they contain. So, now it’s time to appreciate how easy it is for Ladbrokes’ clients to gain regular access to them. These videos are released before every major day’s racing, and will be fully accessible and provide superb coverage for all our major metro race meetings in Victoria. The depth of coverage is also amazing; you can expect your Ladbrokes Ride Guide to be available for a terrific two-thirds or so of the runners at those selected race tracks.

If that’s what available, the next thing to know is just how easy it will be for you, as a Ladbrokes client, to gain full access. As you’d expect, the content is viewable across the range of both mobile and desktop devices. To locate it, simply find and click on the ‘play’ button. This is helpfully positioned right on the jockey’s silk, just next to the particular runner on the race card. When you click a runner’s name, you’ll find to the right of its silk the expanded form of this terrific content. This will enable you to access the superb range of video content contained in your Ladbrokes Ride Guide. Another place to find all of this is by heading to the Ladbrokes Info Hub. Equally, should you simply go to the main racing page on the Ladbrokes site, you’ll soon find that Ride Guide icon. From there, it’s a simple click through to each race card page.

Something you need to know

As you will fully appreciate, but it’s still important to mention this, the videos you’ll enjoy as part of your Ladbrokes Ride Guide are provided purely for the entertainment of Ladbrokes clients. They are not carefully scripted, which means that the company can provide no warranty as to the accuracy level of the actual information they include. Mind you, it will soon be obvious that what they do deliver is a clear and unique insight into the thoughts, hopes and actions of many of the best of our jockeys. From track conditions, to the particular character traits and likely behaviours of their mounts, to how they have been instructed by their trainer and how they expect the race to unfold, you will gain an amazing insight to a world that interests, entertains – and perhaps occasionally infuriates – so many punting Australians!

Being as much in the know as possible allows you to bet as you want to, whether on a casual basis or as a serious hobby. Whichever your style, it’s surely time to check out the Ladbrokes Ride Guide and appreciate the efforts they have made to help you to make the most of your racing and betting activities.