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iPunt is the ultimate online destination to enhance your passion for Fantasy Sports, boosting your enjoyment and your chances of success with our in-depth statistics and analysis that will put you ahead of the game.

When the thrills of real sport are just not enough, leap into the exciting world of Fantasy Sports, cheer on your virtual teams and players as they battle for imaginary spoils, and use iPunt’s Fantasy Sports coverage to get the edge you need.

We boost your chances of succeeding in all the Fantasy Sports competitions each and every day, including a full roster of your all-time favourite Fantasy Players and everything else you need to pick your winning lineup in a fun and easy format, giving you the best possible chance of Fantasy Sports success.

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Need the most detailed Fantasy Cheat Sheets to give you the winning edge, or fancy trying your luck with some of the biggest Fantasy Cash Games? iPunt is your destination, including up-to-date rankings of all the Fantasy Players so that putting together your Daily Fantasy Sports lineups can be done with ease, enjoyment and the best possible chance of success.

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Among the Fantasy Sports coverage at iPunt is Fantasy NFL, where the exciting world of American football and the Super Bowl enters the fantasy realm. Or if it is Aussie footy that gets your fantasy pulse racing, tune in to iPunt’s Fantasy AFL coverage, where our full roster of Fantasy Players will make it fun to pick your ultimate winning lineup.

Our coverage of Fantasy EPL at iPunt enhances your favourite combination of English premier league soccer and the exciting world of Fantasy Sports, as all of our detailed Fantasy Stats from the top games and players turn English soccer into real success and fun.

iPunt also boosts your enjoyment of Fantasy NBA, when just watching a game or having a punt on a thrilling American basketball game is not quite enough. We turn those slam drunks into fantasy and real-life enjoyment through all of our detailed statistics, analysis and knowledge in the form of easy-to-follow projections.

The NRL is Australia’s top rugby competition, and if that’s your favourite sport then chances are it will also become your favourite Fantasy Sports destination if you give yourself the edge with iPunt. Head to our website or our easy-to-use mobile version and start browsing our Cheat Sheets, stats, projections and analysis to turn your passion for Fantasy Sports into the ultimate in Fantasy Sports enjoyment and success.

Fantasy NRL

Enhance and extend your passion for Australia’s pre-eminent and highly popular rugby competition with enhanced Fantasy Sports coverage iPunt. Our Fantasy NRL statistics for your daily Fantasy Sports Cash Games are the most accurate and up-to-date out there, turning the real-life enjoyment of rugby and Fantasy NRL into confident online picks and the very best in Fantasy Sports fun.

iPunt provides the best and most accurate Fantasy NRL Cheat Sheets, where the full and detailed lineup of players and teams will give you the winning edge that makes the most of your daily Fantasy NRL indulgence and love of rugby.

Need even more of iPunt’s expert help to give you a clear path to success when it comes to picking which players to select each week? Our daily Fantasy NRL Projections will steer you onto the path of that fantasy winning goal.

iPunt gives you a full and detailed guide to all the Fantasy NRL Players’ stats, as well as analysis of salary data provided by Fantasy Sports operators that arm you with everything you need to play and succeed in Fantasy NRL every day.

And iPunt’s exclusive daily fantasy NRL news and editorials will boost your knowledge even more, making your fantasy NRL lineups simple, fun and successful.

Fantasy AFL

iPunt is the ultimate destination when it comes to combining and enhancing your love for Australia’s favourite game and its stats with the world of Fantasy Sports. Our Fantasy AFL coverage at iPunt is fun, fruitful and easy as we provide only the most accurate statistics to rev up your picks when it comes to getting the edge and indulging in our daily Fantasy Sports Cash Games.

Our Fantasy AFL Cheat Sheets will boost your selections and give you the edge, boosting your chances of success when it comes to the fun and enjoyment of your daily Fantasy AFL.

Combined with our expert daily Fantasy AFL Projections, iPunt gives you an unprecedented guide as to who to pick each and every week. Combine it with our detailed Fantasy AFL Players’ statistics and analysis, featuring up-to-date and revealing salary data provided by expert Fantasy Sports operators, and you have everything you will ever need to not only enhance your love of Fantasy Sports, but thoroughly enjoy the process of your favourite game – footy.

Add in iPunt’s exclusive daily Fantasy AFL news and editorials, giving you a huge amount of information to base your Fantasy AFL lineups on, and ours really is the ultimate extended Fantasy Sports experience.

Fantasy EPL

With iPunt, loving The Beautiful Game will get all the more enjoyable by indulging in our world of Fantasy EPL coverage, where the English premier league meets your imagination and Fantasy Sports and translates into success. Use the full power of our accurate and up-to-date Fantasy EPL stats and picks and get the most from our fun and fruitful Fantasy Sports Cash Games.

As English soccer is one of the premier soccer leagues on the planet, we know how much you love it but you’ll also grow to love your daily Fantasy EPL thanks to our Fantasy EPL Cheat Sheets that turn your passion into the edge you are looking for.

iPunt’s daily Fantasy EPL Projections are the clearest guide to selecting your favourite and best players each week, through our detailed Fantasy EPL Players stats and analysis. And up-to-date salary data provided by the top Fantasy Sports operators tops the list of everything you need to get the most from playing daily Fantasy EPL for success and enjoyment.

And our exclusive, daily offerings of the best and latest Fantasy EPL news and editorials is the cherry on the cake for all the information you need to compile the Fantasy EPL lineup that succeeds.

Fantasy NFL

Expand your football horizons with iPunt and delve into the world of Fantasy NFL, based on that highly-popular American football code. With iPunt, you can be confidently sprinting for the ‘end zone’ thanks to our accurate, up-to-date fantasy NFL stats and picks that boost your chances of success in our daily Fantasy Sports Cash Games.

iPunt’s expertly-compiled Fantasy NFL Cheat Sheets give you the edge to enhance your love for American gridiron and make the most of your daily Fantasy NFL, delivering enjoyment and success with this fun, online format.

Our daily Fantasy NFL projections are just what you need for a clear kick at the goal when selecting your Fantasy Sports Players that will bring you success each and every week. iPunt’s impressively detailed Fantasy NFL Players’ stats and deep analysis including up-to-date salary data provided by the best Fantasy Sports operators is everything you need to play Fantasy NFL each day with confidence and the best possible chance of success.

Finishing our comprehensive Fantasy NFL coverage for your success and enjoyment are iPunt’s exclusive offerings of exclusive daily news and editorials, arming you with the knowledge to combine with our exclusive tools to get that Super Bowl-winning feeling.

Fantasy NBA

The NBA is undoubtedly the world’s premier basketball league, and with iPunt you’ll be in the box seat for the success and enjoyment of your favourite Fantasy Sports picks. Our Fantasy NBA stats and picks for your daily Fantasy Sports Cash Games will help you on your way and get you there in style.

Speed straight into Fantasy Sports contention when it comes to the exciting world of American basketball by using our detailed Fantasy NBA Cheat Sheets, which will give you the edge you’ve been missing in making your daily Fantasy NBA lineups deliver all the enjoyment and success you seek.

iPunt’s daily Fantasy NBA Projections are among the best in the business, giving you a clear guide to selecting all the right Fantasy NBA Players who slam dunk you to success each and every week. We give you only the most detailed NBA players’ stats and analysis, including updated salary data courtesy of top Fantasy Sports operators, which is everything you need to play, enjoy and succeed at Fantasy NBA each day.

And iPunt’s exclusive daily Fantasy NBA news and editorials from the exciting world of the NBA will complete your ultimate guide to shooting hoops with your expertly-compiled Fantasy NBA lineups.