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Interested in sports betting and wanting an exciting new challenge? DraftStars Daily Fantasy Sports is the answer! Our top fantasy sports league was introduced by Crown Bet for a broad range of sports codes including AFL, NFL, cricket, soccer and NBA. To participate in Daily Fantasy Sports you initially need to build a team of athletes from the particular sports code you prefer. The team you create will then compete against other teams built the same way. The fantasy sports teams then accumulate points through the statistical analysis of individual athletes’ performance in real-life world sporting events.

Daily Fantasy Sports is far more exciting than traditional fantasy sports, as the events are run over a shorter space of time. While traditional fantasy sports are conducted seasonally, Daily Fantasy Sports can be played for a single day through to a week. This also enables you to be able to change your Fantasy Team selection on a daily basis, rather than being stuck with the same team the entire season, especially if they’re performing poorly.

When you select a Daily Fantasy Sports team in one of our many competitions, you’ll not only enjoy the thrill of being able to play in the most exciting sports competitions, you’ll also have a chance to win fantastic cash prizes every week!

Picking your ultimate sports team is easy through DraftStars. You have the option to use our salary cap formats or alternatively access our live draft system, to test your sporting acumen. The drafting system provides you with the opportunity to trial different players, teams and sporting tactics weekly. It doesn’t matter if you are a fantasy NRL, fantasy EPL or fantasy AFL enthusiast: with the broad range of competitions and options to choose from, you are able to select the sports code you prefer!

Through DraftStars live match centre, you can experience the excitement of seeing your players score in real time as it happens! You can also check your contest ranking and opponent’s scores via our live leaderboard.

DraftStars is a joint venture of CrownBet and Fox Sports, as well as the AFL’s official sports partner.

How to Play DraftStars

If you’ve decided to join DraftStars Daily Fantasy Sports, you initially need to decide on a contest. The DraftStars lobby is where you’ll find the games that are currently available in the competitions.

While you can select a contest you’d like to enter in the lobby, you also have the choice to create your own contest, so you can bet against your friend’s teams. DraftStars’ easy to navigate system allows you to sort by contest type, sport, entry amount, and total payout, as well as many more options.

Each contest is different. Some provide the opportunity to share winnings over hundreds and up to thousands of fantasy sports winners, while others let a single winner take the whole pool! How you choose to play is up to you, as our Fantasy Cash games offer complete flexibility!

There is a vast selection of fantasy sports betting options available through DraftStars, from live drafts and tournaments through to daily fantasy sports competitions. Our guaranteed contests include head 2 head, featured contests with huge cash prizes for pools, as well as multiplayer games. There are also beginner’s contests available, to help those who are new to DraftStars build a better understanding of how the betting system and competitions run.

The players you decide to star in each game or competition are entirely up to you. DraftStars offers you the versatility of being able to select the players you prefer to form the most effective line-up you can, while allocating a salary cap, as every player comes with a price.

By watching the contests live, you can stay up-to-date with all of your player’s scores and their statistics, which are updated in real-time. Live view can also be readily accessed through either My Contests or My Lineups. If you watch all of your contests live, you can check and see how you’re ranking in real time, when battling other punters or even your mates for bragging rights or cash prizes!

DraftStars has fantasy sports contests for punters of all levels of ability, so start betting today!

DraftStars Fantasy Sports Scoring System

At DraftStars, we have a wide selection of scoring systems that we apply to our NBA, NRL, AFL and NFL fantasy games.

  • There are 9 different point scoring alternatives and point deduction options for Fantasy AFL (which equate to being free kicks against players)
  • Fantasy NRL has 13 ways to put points on the board, ranging from a player’s activity through to game performance
  • By contrast, in Fantasy NBA you can score points in 8 different ways, and 3 additional ways if you’re after bonus points. These are dependent on player’s performances
  • In Fantasy NFL, you have up to 11 ways to score offence points, which are all based on individual player’s performances, as well as 14 ways for your defence players to earn points.

When you are involved with DraftStars fantasy betting, you have access to a vast range of sports and contests. We are also launching AFL and many more sports alternatives in future. By checking out DraftStars lobby, you can identify the sport and contest you prefer, before drafting your ultimate fantasy team in only minutes!

Because you are given the opportunity to incorporate athletes from a round of matches in an individual match or a single day, you have an inexhaustible range of fantasy betting alternatives. Once you’ve chosen your team, finalising the selection process, you are then able to enter both free or paid contests. You can either compete against your mates or the vast DraftStars betting community, allowing you a chance to reap the rewards of large cash prizes!

Why not get your mates together for some friendly sporting rivalry through DraftStars’ fantasy sports competitions today? Whatever your budget or sporting preference, you can design a fantasy sports competition to accommodate these, on either a one-off or weekly basis.

DraftStars Mobile App

Want an easier way to set-up and follow your favourite fantasy sports teams and competitions through DraftStars? Downloading the DraftStars mobile app enables you to be able to access all of the betting site’s main features, whether you want to check up and see how your players are performing, join a new competition, or even build a new team.

The mobile app offers user-friendly navigation, making it easy to access and follow your players and competitions while on the go. As the app also has salary caps on all sporting codes, it is suitable for beginners, as well as more advanced fantasy sports betting punters.

Make social events more exhilarating by getting everyone to participate in a fantasy sports competition through DraftStars’ mobile app! Even punters without a strong sporting background can enter, with our mobile app’s easy line-up selection features. You can also have groups that select teams together. The app is compatible with all mobile devices and can be downloaded quickly and easily.

Contact us to discover more about our mobile app today or download it through your app store. Add some excitement to your life by becoming a part of DraftStars’ fantasy sports league!