CrownBet Rewards Program

CrownBet Rewards

To become part of an excellent new loyalty program, sign up to Crown Signature Club Membership. This initiative, which is a partnership between CrownBet and Crown Resorts, is set to bring you points, benefits and privileges the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

All you have to do is join CrownBet Rewards. Once you’re a member, you’ll score CrownBet Rewards Points whenever you lay a bet – be it in racing or sports. After a while, your points will start to add up and you can redeem them in exchange for all kinds of goodies – from CrownBet Bonus Bets, betting tips, supporter merchandise and AFL experiences to gift cards, Spotify credit and Presto credit.

In addition, points are valid at Crown Melbourne, where you can enjoy international dining, luxurious hotels rooms and other exciting services.

And it’s not only points that you’ll gain. Your CrownBet Rewards membership also allows you to take advantage of privileges exclusively reserved for members at Crown Melbourne. You can look forward to amazing dining offers, discounts on hotel rooms and many other surprises.

Why wait? Get on board CrownBet Rewards and Crown Signature Club Membership today to discover a host of privileges and benefits.

Earning CrownBet Rewards Points

There are several ways to earn CrownBet Rewards Points, from placing bets with CrownBet to hanging out at Crown Casino, enjoying your favourite eateries and experiences. Make sure that, whenever you visit Crown, you take your Crown Signature Club membership card with you.

The number of points you can earn while betting varies, depending on how much money you lay down and what type of bet you make. If the horse racing markets are your thing, gain 1 CrownBet Rewards Point for every $2. If you’re into fixed win and exotic horse racing betting markets, then you earn even more points for a lower spend – a $1 bet will earn you 1 CrownBet Reward Point.

Moving over to the sports betting markets, get ready to score 1 CrownBet Rewards Point for every $5 bet. Plus, with Multi Bets, a $1 bet will grab you 1 CrownBet Rewards Point.

In addition, with a Crown Signature Club membership, you can earn points pretty much everywhere you go in the Crown Entertainment Complex in Melbourne. Whatever you’re into – be it hotels and spas or restaurants and bars – you can accumulate points by having a good time. Just turn up and present your Crown Signature Club membership card.

Redeeming CrownBet Rewards Points

After you’ve earned a bunch of CrownBet Rewards points, you get to enjoy the fun bit – spending them. It’s time to get on board a variety of products, services and experiences.

One of the most popular uses of CrownBet Rewards points is CrownBet Bonus bets, which range from $2.50 to $1,000. To improve your betting experience, you can spend points on horse racing tipping services and on hospitality vouchers, to be used at country tracks all over Victoria. Another common option is to step into the ALF Shop and choose some exciting products and experiences.

Meanwhile, other popular options include merchandise and sports memorabilia, entertainment – from Spotify and Presto to Village Cinemas – and extraordinary experiences. Just some of those available are Monaco Grand Prix, Kentucky Derby, Dubai World Cup, Daytona 5000, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, Horse Back Winery Tours and Mr. Aristotle Gift Cards.

Feeling generous? Choose to donate to a favourite charity, like the Cure for MND Foundation or the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Finally, if you’re heading to Crown Melbourne, your points can get you access to a slew of experiences, such as restaurants and hotels. Just don’t forget to show your card on arrival at each outlet.

Crown Signature Club Membership

Every person with a crown signature club membership is allotted one of five tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Black. Your tier determines which benefits you get.

Tier levels are determined according to membership credits. As you might have guessed, the more you have, the higher your tier. To gain one membership credit, you have to earn 450 tier points within a week.

When you spend money on hotels, games at the casino and CrownBet, 1 CrownBet Rewards point is the equivalent of 1 Tier CrownBet Rewards Point. However, when you spend in restaurants, bars, retail and conference centres, 5 CrownBet Rewards Points is the equivalent of 1 Tier CrownBet Rewards Point.

In addition, as a CrownBet Signature Club Member, you can enter the Ultimate Prize Jackpot every week, giving you a chance to win an Audi A1. You can even join in and play with Crown Casino’s eSports tournaments.

To make sure you accumulate points, always take your Crown Signature Club card with you when you visit Crown Casino. Show it at all participating outlets to turn your luxury hotel stays and amazing meals into points and incredible experiences in the future.

CrownBet Rewards Privileges

When you join the CrownBet Reward and CrownBet Signature Club membership offer, you land yourself a bucketload of privileges and benefits. Exactly what you get depends on which tier you’re in, be it Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Black.

Just a handful of the benefits you can enjoy are free parking at Crown Resorts, discount rates at Crown hotels, priority seating for restaurants and access to private gaming areas. Plus, when your birthday rolls around, you might be spoiled with special offers.

Your membership tier is determined over a six-month review period, known as the Membership Tier Period. Should you earn the assigned number of points within this time frame, then you’ll score a tier upgrade. You must also earn a certain amount of points to maintain your current tier. In order to gain a membership credit, you must earn 450 Tier Points in a single week.

So, are you ready to go? There’s no need to wait. You can sign up for the CrownBet Reward and CrownBet Signature Club membership whenever you’re ready. It’s time to start taking advantage of great benefits and privileges.